Prihastono Ahmadi

(Asli Kudaile)

  • Bekerja di CV. Tunas Harapan
  • Pernah belajar di MAN Babakan Lebaksiu
  • Tinggal di Kota Semarang
  • From : Semarang, Indonesia

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Gratis Aplikasi dan game buat Hp-ponsel China lengkap terbaru

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Bluetooth Hack Download
Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08
This program through MDM can be used to control other people’s mobile phone.
Platform : Java
Opera Mini Download
Opera Mini 4.2
Opera Mini enables you to take your full Web experience to your phone.
eBuddy Download
eBuddy 3.3.0
All your MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, GTalk and Facebook buddies in buddylist!
Facebook Mobile Download
Facebook Mobile 3.1.2
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others.
Google Maps
 for mobile Download
Google Maps for mobile 4.1
Help you to find local businesses, and get driving driving directions!
Adult Video
 Downloader Download
Adult Video Downloader 1.0.0
Download weekly selected Adult sex videos on your mobile phone.
Platform : Java
Nimbuzz Download
Nimbuzz 2.0
Nimbuzz is an amazing free all-in-one communicator.
Mini Dictionary Download
Mini Dictionary 1.0
A dictionary with a small footprint with a large database of 175,662 words!
Platform : Java, Symbian
Opera Mini Download
Opera Mini 5.0.18635
Opera Mini 5 - The next generation of mobile browsing.
Mobile Skype Download
Mobile Skype 3.0
Skype gives you free calls and instant messages to anyone else on Skype.
FileLock Download
FileLock 1.0
It can lock a whole folder.the app starts in last folder
Platform : Java
iPod Touch 
Firmware Download
iPod Touch Firmware 3.1.2
iPhone 3.1.2 Software Update for iPod touch comes!
Platform : iPhone
KD Player Download
KD Player 0.9.6
KD Player is the java music and video player
Platform : Java
TV to Go Download
TV to Go 2.2.0
Watch your favourite TV channels worldwideOn your mobile.
 - Hindi Dictionary Download
English - Hindi Dictionary 2.0.1
This app is for visitors to India and local's that would like to learn English.
Platform : Java
SexXonix 94KB Download
SexXonix 1.6.3
This is adult game to you.
Platform : Java
Cricket  Download
Cricket 0.92
Live coverage of all international Cricket games
Platform : Java
Air Fightter  Download
Air Fightter 5.0
Amazing Air Fightter for you to play with.
Platform : Java
Chess  Download
Chess 2.0.1
Play chess game with your phone.
Platform : Java
Chronicles of Avael: The Chimaera Stones Trial Download
Chronicles of Avael: The Chimaera Stones Trial 1.2.0
You find yourself travelling through the Barony of Berg on your way.
Platform : Java
Mobile Cobra 
Strike  Download
Mobile Cobra Strike 2.0.0
This is a strike game for your mobie phone.
Platform : Java
Real Kamasutra - Weekend Download
3D Real Kamasutra - Weekend 1.0
You are longing to go outdoors, to breath in fresh air and enjoy the real sun?
Platform : Java
Sexy Asian YKK 2Freeware 63KB Download
Sexy Asian YKK 2 2.0
Best hot mobile game for your mobile phone.
Platform : Java
GigaSlotFreeware 95KB Download
GigaSlot 1.6
GigaSlot Mobile Casino is a Java game for your mobile phone.
UnlimitedDemo 324KB Download
Sportbikes Unlimited 1.0
You have a powerful bike, you just moved to a new city and want to conquer Alice
Platform : Java
Wicked RacingFreeware 190KB Download
Wicked Racing 1.2
Take control of your red hot racing car and begin the mad dash.
Platform : Java
RacerFreeware 94KB Download
Underground Racer 1.0
Gear up and roll out, enjoy the 3D race game.
Platform : Java
DreamPlanetDemo 65KB Download
DreamPlanet 1.1
A little monkey`s advanture in the dream planet
Platform : Java
360 SpeedFreeware 126KB Download
360 Speed 1.0.0
This is a car game for your mobile phone.
Platform : Java
ASSAULT TEAM 3DDemo 295KB Download
This app is one of the most advanced 3d FPS games developed for mobile devices.
Platform : Java 
SmashMeleeDemo 34KB Download
SmashMelee 1.0
A no-nonsense fast and fun action shoot em up
Platform : Java

Hugo Evil Mirror 1 - Beaver Fort 1.0.2

This game requires Internet access on your phone.
Platform : Java
LetsHammerDemo 61KB Download
LetsHammer 1.0
Action game that press 1 - 9 mobile keypad for hit the kira-kira
Platform : Java
PocoLocoFreeware 147KB Download
PocoLoco 1.0
This is a java game for your phone.
Platform : Java
Meteor UIQDemo 649KB Download
Meteor UIQ 1.0
Meteor is a powerful breakout with shoot'em up elements.
Platform : Symbian
AntHillShareware 1.34MB Download
AntHill 1.20
AntHill for Pocket PC gives you a taste of insect life.
Platform : Windows Mobile
Sonic the 
Hedgehog 2Purchase 2.80MB Download
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 1.0
Sonic, the world’s fastest hedgehog, is back!
Platform : iPhone
NuclearTagTeamFreeware 154KB Download
NuclearTagTeam 1.0
It’s time for the ‘despots of the world’ to unite and play tag.
Platform : Java
 Bot ArmyDemo 145KB Download
Frankenstein Bot Army 1.0
Welcome to the Battle of the Bots
Platform : Java
Last ExamDemo 101KB Download
Last Exam 1.0.0
Last Exam is a several hours of the entertainment, full of tasks and puzzles.
Platform : Java
Crash BadnicootDemo 82.0KB Download
Crash Badnicoot 1.0
hRace and battle against your opponents and turn them to dust.
Platform : Java
Ukko's EscapeFreeware 66KB Download
Ukko's Escape 1.0
Ukko's Escape is another simple, funny and addictive onethumb arcade game.
Platform : Java
CarnivoraDemo 225KB Download
Carnivora 2.0
Fine tune the graphical details to best fit to your mobile phone.
Platform : Java
MonsterPoliceDemo 99KB Download
MonsterPolice 1.0
Monster Police fuses pulsating racing.
Platform : Java
Running ManDemo 1.16MB Download
Running Man 1.0
Run Run Run for your life!
Platform : Java
Ramayan 3392 ADDemo 401KB Download
Ramayan 3392 AD 1.0
Experience the ancient Indian epic on your mobiles now.
Platform : Java
Aqua DigDemo 298KB Download
Aqua Dig 1.24
You have a drilling submarine and your wits to work with.
Platform : Java
PhotoBotDemo 776KB Download
PhotoBot 1.0
Get shooting and enjoy!
Platform : Symbian
Dragon hunterDemo 110KB Download
Dragon hunter 1.0
Take your sword and prepare to live a fantastic adventure in a world of fighting
Platform : Java
Postal BabesDemo 258KB Download

Dark StreetDemo 1.5MB Download
Dark Street 1.0.1
This is an action game produced by Beijing Huike.
Platform : Windows Mobile
Cannon FodderDemo 802KB Download
Cannon Fodder 1.0
A faithful reproduction of Sensible Software's classic squad based action game.
Platform : Symbian
OmniflashDemo 2.44MB Download
Omniflash 1.0
The story of the legendary Kairon Ares's heirs.
Platform : Windows Mobile
Little Ninja 
KingDemo 150KB Download
Little Ninja King 1.1.0
One year later after his first mission, Little NinjaKing has got a new mission.
Platform : Java
Kung Fu FightersFreeware 115KB Download
Kung Fu Fighters 1.0
It will be a fight to the death among only their most elite fighters.
Platform : Java
Governator: Unleashed PowerDemo 155KB Download
Governator: Unleashed Power 1.2.3
In Governator, a robotic cyborg, controlled by the player.
Platform : Java
Johnny RumbleDemo 32KB Download
Johnny Rumble 1.0
Aliens have taken over the universe,
Platform : Java
California Chainsaw MassacreDemo 109KB Download
California Chainsaw Massacre 1.0.0
A action game for your mobile phone.
Platform : Java
Saga of StoneDemo 558KB Download
Saga of Stone 1.3
Welcome to traval with our marvelous little hero on RICHES LAND.
Platform : Symbian
Metal Bluster IIDemo 1.69MB Download
Metal Bluster II 1.0
The game offers a stunning experience of moving shooting.
Platform : Symbian
Bluster Episode IDemo 663KB Download
Metal Bluster Episode I 1.3
Metal Bluster is an intense action game.
Platform : Symbian
Fire FrenzyDemo 312KB Download
Fire Frenzy 1.02
Fire Frenzy is an action game produced by Viva La Mobile.
Platform : Java
Alien Patrol 
(HOVR)Demo 125KB Download
Alien Patrol (HOVR) 1.0.6
Get out of the enemy planet before the aliens burn your ass off
Platform : Java
DragonAttackDemo 71.2KB Download
DragonAttack 1.0
ll need it all. At the end he’ll face an ancient and terrible dragon. Good luc
Platform : Java
RoborosDemo 92KB Download
Roboros 1.0.4
Roboros is an action jump-n-running game.
Platform : Java
Dark Void ZeroDemo 14.6MB Download
Dark Void Zero 1.0
A secret ending! Only the best of the best will survive to see it.
Platform : iPhone
American McGee's Crooked HouseDemo 41.0MB Download
American McGee's Crooked House 1.0
There Was a Crooked Man.
Platform : iPhone
Ha Ha BoyDemo 1.24MB Download
Ha Ha Boy 1.05
Do not let the animals take your life in return.
Platform : Symbian
PetgenFreeware 98.1KB Download
Petgen 1.0
Spread the word and battle it out with your friends!
Platform : Java
Bunny Mania LiteFreeware 3.06MB Download
Bunny Mania Lite 1.3
Control 50 bunnies over 12 levels. Let's go and play!
Platform : Android
StorehouseDemo 118KB Download
Arabia Storehouse 1.0.0
A classic game in which you control your character through a danger laden.
Platform : Java
Shark AttackDemo 74.1KB Download
Shark Attack 1.0
You are in Shark infested water and have to stop as many sharks as possible with
Platform : Java
Super Methane 
BrosFreeware 856KB Download
Super Methane Bros
This is action game produced by AnotherGuest.
Platform : Symbian
3D Lawn DartsDemo 967KB Download
3D Lawn Darts 1.0.5
3D Lawn Darts 3D Lawn Darts brings the classic game of lawn.
BananasDemo 69KB Download
Bananas 1.0
Keep the monkey in the air and knock the bananas from the trees.
Platform : Java
The 4 regions are now fighting for dominance over the entire planet.
Platform : Symbian
Kungfu FightingDemo 4.18MB Download
Kungfu Fighting 1.0
You are the only living pupil of the late Kung-Fu master Kong Chen.
Platform : Windows Mobile
Dark StreetDemo 1.47MB Download
Dark Street 1.0.1
This Side-scrolling action game。
Platform : Windows Mobile
BEIKS Space 
LifterDemo 492KB Download
BEIKS Space Lifter 5.5
In Space Lifter, you operate a transportation space station.
Platform : Palm OS
Weapons Of Mass ConstructionDemo 117KB Download
Weapons Of Mass Construction 1.0
This game requires Internet access on your phone.
Platform : Java
KaratekaDemo 34.4KB Download
Karateka 1.35
The Karateka plot is as simple as an action game.
Platform : Palm OS
Godzilla - Monster Mayhem LiteDemo 179KB Download
Godzilla - Monster Mayhem Lite 1.1.1
Relive all your favorite moments from the Japanese cult classic Godzilla series.
Platform : Java
GizaDemo 2448KB Download
Giza 1.0
Giza has invested in 87 COMPANIES in the sectors of Communications.
Platform : Windows Mobile
Duck HuntDemo 6.57MB Download
Duck Hunt 1.01
Duck Hunt is an amazingly simple and quite addictive action style game.
Platform : Windows Mobile
Flight FrenzyFreeware 4.1MB Download
Flight Frenzy 1.0.1
Land 12 types of plane, from Aircraft carriers to Outer Space!
Platform : Android
Naruto AdventureDemo 260KB Download
Naruto Adventure 1.0
The new adventures of the famous Naruto.
Platform : Java
GrizzlyFreeware 8.4MB Download
Grizzly 1.0
Grizzly Adventure is a great platform game complete with over 30 action .
Platform : iPhone
Super Mario 
PlanetDemo 302KB Download
Super Mario Planet 1.0
Find Mario in totally hilarious adventures in this hobbyist remake.
Platform : Java
Xing Fish FarmFreeware 85KB Download
Xing Fish Farm 1.0
Your job is feeding all the fishes and kill the predator if he attacks.
Platform : Java
XonixAttackFreeware 126KB Download
XonixAttack 0.4
Move green xonix to cut the game field.
Platform : Android
FirescueDemo 88KB Download
Firescue 1.1.5
Your task is to catch all people jumping out of windows in current level.
Platform : Java
BUKA LiteFreeware 7.9MB Download
BUKA Lite 2.14
BUKA makes stars go boom!
Platform : Android, iPhone
Christmas RushFreeware 1.27MB Download
Christmas Rush 2.0
This is an action game produced by Numerical Design.
Platform : Windows Mobile
GovernatorUPDemo 155KB Download
GovernatorUP 1.0
Underground plant that produces poisons and robots.
Platform : Java
Oil rigDemo 77KB Download
Oil rig 1.25
This game requires Internet access on your phone.
Platform : Java
 PathFinderDemo 446KB Download
VoxelRacer: PathFinder 1.2
Fly through rendered 3D landscapes with your helicopter.
Platform : Palm OS
BomberFreeware 303KB Download
Bomber 1.0
We could play bomber game on everywhere we like.
Platform : Windows Mobile
Black Diamond Fever 2Demo 123KB Download
Hugo Black Diamond Fever 2 1.08
Hugo must free all the captured Kikurians.
Platform : Java
Black Diamond Fever 3Demo 123KB Download
Hugo Black Diamond Fever 3 1.08
Hugo must free all the captured Kikurians and stop the evil.
Platform : Java
Arshad's Fight 
ClubDemo 214KB Download
Arshad's Fight Club 1.0
Unlock each opponent to fight against the next.
Platform : Java
Alert India: The Spirit of IndiaDemo 217KB Download
Alert India: The Spirit of India 1.0
Its the time to pay back. Be a true Indian citizen.
Platform : Java
Throw a PandaFreeware 307KB Download
Throw a Panda 3.5
A game with the simple goal of throwing a panda as far as possible.
Platform : Android
Bell Rabbit DemoFreeware 953KB Download
Bell Rabbit Demo 2.0
The object of this game is to get the rabbit to bounce off the bells.
Platform : Android
Trash RacerDemo 429KB Download
Trash Racer 1.0
You thought that garbage trucks is boring work.
Platform : Java
Spacey SnakeFreeware 1.04MB Download
Spacey Snake 1.0
The classic action game Snake Clones.
Platform : Android
Splat Bugs 2Freeware 366KB Download
Splat Bugs 2 2.0
Bugs and critters have infested your home - so splat the bugs as fast as you can
Platform : Android
Splat Bugs 3Freeware 592KB Download
Splat Bugs 3 1.2
The addictive and fun bugsquishin' sequel to Splat
Platform : Android
XmasGifts3DFreeware 182KB Download
XmasGifts3D 3.5
A 3d platform game for your mobile.
Platform : Java
20000FeetandFallingDemo 170KB Download
20000FeetandFalling 1.0
Experience the excitement as you take charge of a team of dare-devils .
Platform : Java
SupaSantaDemo 47KB Download
SupaSanta 1.0
Help Santa deliver all the great toys in this SupaSanta x-mass special.
Platform : Java

    Catch The Egg 
RunnyDemo 101KB Download
    Catch The Egg Runny 1.0
    Catch the falling chicken eggs before they crack on the ground.
    Platform : Java
    Astro BlasterDemo 192KB Download
    Astro Blaster 1.0
    Blast off with AstroBlaster on your mobile with earth-shattering arcade puzzle.
    Platform : Java
    Crash Arena 3DDemo 393KB Download
    Crash Arena 3D 1.0
    You will have Crash Arena – a real car war, ruthless and endless.
    Platform : Java
    WHAC-A-MOLEFreeware 875KB Download
    WHAC-A-MOLE 1.0
    Whac-a-Mole is the classic game known both from arcade halls and toy machines
    Platform : Android
    Gladiators of
 DelphiDemo 1.80MB Download
    Gladiators of Delphi 1.2
    Lead legendary heroes into battle against dark foes.
    Platform : Windows Mobile
    RadiumDemo 4.70MB Download
    Radium 1.0
    A state of the art Pocket PC game!
    Platform : Windows Mobile
    JUST A FLU DEMODemo 3.66MB Download
    You are a white blood cell and need to destroy all virus of your blood!
    Platform : Android
    Heli-RescueDemo 169KB Download
    Heli-Rescue 2.0.0
    Have YOU got what it takes to be a Heli-Rescue Pilot!
    Platform : Java
    GridRunner++Demo 201KB Download
    GridRunner++ 1.0.10
    Jeff Minter's classic PC game now on mobile!
    Platform : Java
    FREEFALLDemo 213KB Download
    FREEFALL 1.10
    FreeFall is a 3D isometric action-reflex game, in the spirit of Marble Madness.
    Platform : Java
Terrestrials 2Demo 119KB Download
    Extra Terrestrials 2 1.0
    Extra Terrestrials II is the sequel to the popular Extra Terrestrials game.
    Platform : Java
    GanjamanDemo 158KB Download
    Ganjaman 1.0.0
    It is a classic arcade game where the main objective is to clear a maze of dots.
    Platform : Java
    Adventurer 2Demo 140KB Download
    Adventurer 2 1.0
    Adventurer 2 is a side view single screen platform game.
    Platform : Java
    Tutenstein -
 The ChaseFreeware 146KB Download
    Tutenstein - The Chase 1.0.0
    Tutenstein is a half-hour animated series about a ten-year-old boy mummy.
    Platform : Java
    Thursday the 
12thDemo 99KB Download
    Thursday the 12th 1.0.0
    This is a action game for your phone.
    Platform : Java
    PompletsFreeware 1.25MB Download
    Pomplets 1.0.4
    In this game which challenges your skills, not your patience !
    Platform : Android
    anEggsFreeware 624KB Download
    anEggs 1.2
    Remake of USSR's "Nu, Podogi!" game from 1980s.
    Platform : Android
    ZoneWarsFreeware 1.13MB Download
    ZoneWars 1.0
    ZoneWars is a mix of real time strategie and action.
    Platform : Android
    DND LiteDemo 143KB Download
    DND Lite 1.4
    An action rich game sets you on an honorable mission of freeing small Earth
    Platform : Java
    Firby2Demo 67KB Download
    Firby2 1.0
    Help Firby find all the pieces of the 'Magic Mirror' before it's too late.
    Platform : Java

    Adventures Of 
AggtoFreeware 71KB Download
    Adventures Of Aggto 2.1
    Help our adventurer in their quest to recover the keys.
    Platform : Java
    Emergency MayhemFreeware 216KB Download
    Emergency Mayhem 1.0.0
    Can you become the ultimate emergency hero and save Crisis City?
    Platform : Java
    DungeonsOfHackFreeware 54KB Download
    DungeonsOfHack 1.0
    Open source Gauntlet clone with generated levels.
    Platform : Java
    Hugo Cannon 
CruiseDemo 166KB Download
    Hugo Cannon Cruise 1.0.0
    by any means possible he must stop her from exterminating the trolls
    Platform : Java
    Hugo and 
FernandoDemo 218KB Download
    Hugo and Fernando 1.1.3
    Help Fernando collect the fruit by maneuvering through the jungle.
    Platform : Java
    Natural Born Fighters alphaFreeware 63.5KB Download
    Natural Born Fighters alpha 1.0
    Natural Born Fighters is a beat 'em up up game
    Platform : Symbian
    3D Constructo 
CombatDemo 212KB Download
    3D Constructo Combat 1.3.2
    Build buildings on a variety of 3D landscapes and prevent opponents.
    Platform : Java, Windows Mobile
    SDN LabyrinthFreeware 69.3KB Download
    SDN Labyrinth 1.0
    Emulation of a 3D labyrinth. Find all artifacts and princess.
    Platform : Java
    Flying Stick 
FighterDemo 269KBB Download
    Flying Stick Fighter 1.0.2
    Flying Stick Fighter is a fast and powerful martial art action game.
    Platform : Java
    Bungee DesperadoDemo 148KB Download
    Bungee Desperado 1.1.23
    Become the bungee desperado, the only guy who does not afraid any risk.
    Platform : Java
    SketcherFreeware 343KB Download
    Sketcher 1.0.7
    Sketcher combines the elegance of line art with accessible controls.
    Platform : Java
IVPurchase 201.00MB Download
    Street Fighter 4 delivers the first true fighting game on iPhone.
    Platform : iPhone
    Zack The MartianFreeware 110KB Download
    Zack The Martian 1.0
    In this game, you play Zack whose mission is to explore this beautiful planet.
    Platform : Java
Of The Red SamuraiDemo 193KB Download
    Legend Of The Red Samurai 1.0
    Haraku, the Undead Overlord, has launched a bloody crusade on the realm of Man.
    Platform : Java
    Bugs BomberDemo 194KB Download
    Bugs Bomber 1.0
    A giant bug has laid eggs in the nearby factory.
    Platform : Java
    Balloon PilotDemo 89KB Download
    Balloon Pilot 1.0.1
    Drive your baloon to land on the red platform, before time is over.
    Platform : Java
    Death ZoneFreeware 276KB Download
    Death Zone 1.0.1
    Do you feel like killing? So join the new reality show Deat Zone!
    Platform : Java
    Ukkos JourneyFreeware 188KB Download
    Ukkos Journey 1.1
    IT is an adventurous side-scrolling arcade game with definable controls.
    Platform : Java
    MCMartha 3Demo 107KB Download
    MCMartha 3 1.0
    Mad Cow Martha has broken her leg.
    Platform : Java
    Mad Cow Martha 2Demo 57KB Download
    Mad Cow Martha 2 1.1.1
    Mad Cow Martha is still crazy in her head and wants to try a new extreme sport.
    Platform : Java

    OrientRallyeDemo 47.1KB Download
    OrientRallye 1.0
    If a driver has to wait too long the race is over for him and for the player!
    Platform : Java
    Mad Cow Martha 3Demo 107KB Download
    Mad Cow Martha 3 1.3.0
    It is on you to help poor MC Martha to get out of hospital
    Platform : Java
    Robo 2: Saving 
EnyDemo 140KB Download
    Robo 2: Saving Eny 1.0.1
    It is a sequel to a popular puzzle Robo played by millions of cellphone game.
    Platform : Java
    GeomfighterFreeware 133KB Download
    Geomfighter 1.0
    Geometry wars meets Flight control.
    Platform : Android
    Jack the 
Uni-PsychleDemo 1.26MB Download
    Jack the Uni-Psychle 1.1
    He unlocks something more, something unexpected psychic powers!
    Platform : Windows Mobile
    CalypsoDemo 934KB Download
    Calypso 1.0
    It was supposed to be a routine cal.
    Platform : Symbian
    Slider KidsDemo 62.3KB Download
    Slider Kids 1.0
    Another OneThumb action game, combining colorfull graphics and great gameplay.
    Platform : Java
    Akira HeroDemo 62.9KB Download
    Akira Hero 1.0
    Head-jumping fun, diamonds, and a princess to save.
    Platform : Java
    RocketBoyDemo 37KB Download
    RocketBoy 1.0
    Using only one key to guide RocketBoy down the shafts of terror.
    Platform : Java
    DynamoKid RXDemo 37KB Download
    DynamoKid RX 1.2
    A mario style platform game featuring Dynamo Kid in the first of his adventures.
    Platform : Java
    Bulldozer Inc.Freeware 221KB Download
    Bulldozer Inc. 1.0
    If you have ever wanted to create a great mess ,then get Bulldozer Inc.!
    Platform : Java
    Army of HeroesFreeware 211KB Download
    Army of Heroes 1.0
    Legions of skeleton warriors threaten the world!
    Platform : Java
    Fly Kiwi, Fly!Purchase 8.40MB Download
    Fly Kiwi, Fly! 1.05
    Nothing can stand between a Kiwi and his will to fly!
    Platform : iPhone
    Hugo Evil Mirror 3 - Viking CampFreeware 135KB Download
    Hugo Evil Mirror 3 - Viking Camp 1.0.3
    This game requires Internet access on your phone.
    Platform : Java
    Hugo Evil Mirror 2 - Squirrel TreeFreeware 136KB Download
    Hugo Evil Mirror 2 - Squirrel Tree 1.0.8
    Trollerit, Trollerat and Trollerut must find the three pieces of the mirror.
    Platform : Java
    Felix The DevilFreeware 103KB Download
    Felix The Devil 1.1.5
    A little devil Felix, who unlike the other devils, disliked evil.
    Platform : Java
    BeershooterFreeware 179KB Download
    Beershooter 1.0
    Cheers! Ever thought to work at a beer fest delivering beer?
    Platform : Java
    PiratesDemo 78KB Download
    Pirates 1.1
    This is Demo Version (3 levels only): Pirates attack !
    Platform : Java
    Hugo Goes 
FishingFreeware 90KB Download
    Hugo Goes Fishing 1.25
    Hugo and his friends Jean Paul and Fernando are about to have a fantastic party.
    Platform : Java
    Bubu: Great 
EscapeFreeware 155KB Download
    Bubu: Great Escape 1.1.0
    The new game is expected to be another major breakthrough in mobile platform!
    Platform : Java

    Mr SchizooFreeware 137KB Download
    Mr Schizoo 1.3.3
    The life of his female and the survival of his species are now in his hands!
    Platform : Java
    Mr Schizoo 2Freeware 140KB Download
    Mr Schizoo 2 1.0.7
    He's nimble! He's quick! He's furiours! Mr. Schizoo returns!
    Platform : Java
    Mob KillerFreeware 198KB Download
    Mob Killer 1.2
    Mob Killer - clean up the streets!
    Platform : Android
    Bubu 2 : 
Power PantsFreeware 148KB Download
    Bubu 2 : Power Pants 1.0.10
    Soon after his escape from the psychiatric hospital, Bubu has serious troubles.
    Platform : Java
    Race 2 KillFreeware 188KB Download
    Race 2 Kill 1.0.5
    Race2Kill is a unique mix of racing and shooting action.
    Platform : Java
    Billy Battles
 Back 2Freeware 141KB Download
    Billy Battles Back 2 1.0.0
    This time, Billy must save his girlfriend's puppy from the clutches of an evil.
    Platform : Java
    Fists of WudanFreeware 143KB Download
    Fists of Wudan 1.0.3
    The best version of this free mobile game will be presented to you.
    Platform : Java
    Billy Battles 
BackFreeware 154KB Download
    Billy Battles Back 1.0.0
    Retrieve his lunch while evading school bullies, workmen, and sewer rats.
    Platform : Java
    Ragdoll Blaster 
2Purchase 31.9MB Download
    Ragdoll Blaster 2 1.0
    The Ragdolls are back and ready for more physics puzzle action!
    Platform : iPhone
    Werewolf - The Vampire HunterPurchase 13.10MB Download
    Werewolf - The Vampire Hunter 1.0
    Take control of a werewolf to defeat the vampire horde and aim for the score!
    Platform : iPhone
2: The Great EscapePurchase 248.00MB Download
    Rayman 2: The Great Escape 1.0.1
    Rayman, the world-famous video game icon, is back and ready for action!
    Platform : iPhone
    ToddlersDemo 80KB Download
    Toddlers 1.2
    Ever wanted to shoot your friends into space? You can! with Toddlers!
    Platform : Java
    Bird FluDemo 76KB Download
    Bird Flu 1.0.7
    Only an immediate help of Green Peace special agents is able to snatch them out
    Platform : Java
    FrontierFreeware 8KB Download
    Frontier 1.0
    Explore planets,meteors,black holes in the universe,vast and radomly.
    Platform : Java
    Top Guy: 
GovernatorFreeware 113KB Download
    Top Guy: Governator 1.0.1
    You wanted a tough action game and you got it.
    Platform : Java
    Angry BirdsPurchase 9.8MB Download
    Angry Birds 1.2.0
    Protect wildlife, or play Angry Birds!
    Platform : iPhone
    Bravian LandsFreeware 160KB Download
    Bravian Lands 1.0.0
    Help brave Daryll to free the magical kingdom!
    Platform : Java
    Ball Rush 2Freeware 162KB Download
    Ball Rush 2 1.0
    Ball Rush is back with more action, more levels and more fun than ever!
    Platform : Java
    CatchMe! if you
 canPurchase 9.6MB Download
    CatchMe! if you can 1.1
    Classic Maze Chase Game with a Twist!
    Platform : iPhone
    Dragon and 
Dracula 3DFreeware 305KB Download
    Dragon and Dracula 3D 1.2.0
    Green-skinned friend, a disaster of sabretooth bats returns.
    Platform : Java

    Dragon and Dracula: Iceland AdventureFreeware 124KB Download
    Dragon and Dracula: Iceland Adventure 1.0.0
    There is another mission for the little brave Dragon!
    Platform : Java
    BlindFuryDemo 203KB Download
    BlindFury 2.3.0
    As ancient story tells that in the Huge Explosion day in distant year 2010.
    Platform : Java
 QuickType DemoFreeware 67.8KB Download
    BubbleBee QuickType Demo 1.0
    This is an action game produced by Smallfry Mobile.
    Platform : Java
    GOLD CATCHERDemo 54KB Download
    The God of Prosperity has blessed you with a chance to get rich quick!
    Platform : Java
DOWNDemo 56KB Download
    Save your village by taking down as many pirates as you can. Arr!
    Platform : Java
    BREAKOUTDemo 50KB Download
    BREAKOUT 1.0
    A classic action game which will keep your hands glued to your mobile phone!
    Platform : Java
    Xing DiggerDemo 74KB Download
    Xing Digger 1.0
    dig up all gold in every level and avoid running into the enemy。
    Platform : Java
    SnakeSnacksFreeware 527KB Download
    SnakeSnacks 0.11
    Drag your finger around the screen and the snake will follow you!
    Platform : Android
    Sinfah's LairFreeware 41.6KB Download
    Sinfah's Lair 1.0
    Sinfah’s Lair is a side-scrolling platform game.
    Platform : Java
 World AttackFreeware 1.17MB Download
    Abduction! World Attack 1.45.2
    You follow them up into space to rescue your herd.
    Platform : Android
    Drift Sumi-ePurchase 6.2MB Download
    Drift Sumi-e 1.0
    Art and driving uncommonly fused into one.
    Platform : iPhone
    Petey and JaydeeFreeware 187KB Download
    Petey and Jaydee 1.0
    Flying wild with Petey and Jaydee!
    Platform : Java
    CaveCabFreeware 124KB Download
    CaveCab 1.2
    You are controlling a small prehistoric cave cab.
    Platform : Java
    Myth JungleFreeware 81KB Download
    Myth Jungle 1.7
    Act as Commander Kenn and kill all the snake monsters.
    Platform : Java
CriticalFreeware 251KB Download
    Operation Critical 1.0.1
    Her rescue will be the mission for one person. For You!
    Platform : Java
    Easter NightmareFreeware 134KB Download
    Easter Nightmare 1.0.0
    Death traps are not very hard to identify. When you see one, you'll know it...
    Platform : Java
    Ali the PenguinFreeware 175KB Download
    Ali the Penguin 1.0.0
    Put yourself in the role of the Ali the Penguin who was chosen for a mission.
    Platform : Java
    BUSHIDO - Code of the WarriorFreeware 210KB Download
    BUSHIDO - Code of the Warrior 1.0
    Fight and follow the Bushido's primary code. Honour unto death!!!
    Platform : Java
    Fatal FistFreeware 174KB Download
    Fatal Fist 1.0.5
    My name is Daniel Vitto. I’ve been serving in the U.S army for 8 years.
    Platform : Java
    Holy WarsFreeware 214KB Download
    Holy Wars 1.1.2
    It is now time for you to play the heroes of the comic book 'Holy Wars'
    Platform : Java

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